After judging the Bristol Uni Computer society Appathon a couple of weeks ago, several students approached me with career related questions and I thought I’d collect them up and post them. These are purely my personal views not that of Mubaloo. When I’m talking about App developer I’m meaning native app development.Treehouse_QA

Also I jotted this down in a hurry as the students needed to include some of the comments in an assignment. So expect spelling mistakes!!

What’s your favorite and worst aspect of your job?

Best bits:

  • Developing apps used by millions of people (having great designer to make them look great)
  • As head of Android I’m the go to person for Android and I shape how the company approaches the density of devices.
  • working in team with motivated and talented people – it really makes a difference when team mates are all pulling to the same goals.


  • Trying to estimate how long a app will take to make based on limited details/requirements
  • Personally I find logging time to projects tedious, it should be simple but the software is clunky at best – but in all the companies I’ve worked the time tracking tools have been subpar. – someone should write a easy to use app for it! 🙂
  • Being point of contact, has it’s downsides mainly lots of interruptions which can make focused development (the bit i really love) difficult.

How would you describe your company (business area, number of employees, approx number of Countries operated in)

errrm, RTM… check the website for that

Day to day taks and in general what does a typical working day consists (design work vs paper work vs talking with clients vs actual coding etc)

  • reviewing design documents,
  • writing specification,
  • meetings with clients to dsicuss current project progress or future project developments
  • fixing defects raised in defect tracking system
  • Writing code meet specification/design

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