After last nights SWUX meetup I figured I’d share some more links on Google’s Material design that I’ve found since the last meetup I attended.


  • An exploration in Material Design by Arthur Bodolec @  – good information about the Z order and a nicely polished example.
  • We Are Living In A Material World And I Am A Material Girl – Trello – Great article that shows before and after material, and most interesting thing for me was how Trello got rid of the navigation drawer.
  • Instagram with Material Design concept by Miroslaw Stanek – some great code samples.

Examples of Material apps – there are several of these kind of sights two of the best are:

  • – has a new beta section showing material/lollipop Android apps. What’s great is you can filter by the type of screen you’re looking for.
  • materialup – showcases material apps and websites but also material concepts and animations


  • Material Palette, pick two of the material colours and this site will generate palette of 8 colours ready to drop in to your app/project
  • Keyline Pushing – Android  app – when running draws an keyline grid on top of apps, useful for designer/developers to validate an app is ahearence to material’s metrics and keyline spec

Personally I’m really excited about the new design language/framework/guide from Google to be all encompassing across web, mobile, tablet, TV. I talked recently at a local meetup about some of the cool things in material design followed by a good debate about what material design is about. The main place to head to is materialdesign-goals-landingimage_large_mdpi

Here’s some other resources:


  • Short video intro to showcasing some of the material visual elements and interactions
  • Collection of material design elements selected by Roman Nurik on Dribbble
  • materialcolors
  • Android UX course on udacity

Implementation help

While we are on the subject of design here’s a link to Designer cheat sheet for Android it’s very much based on holo but I’m sure as L preview is released these tips will be updated.

Over the weekend I was catching up on Android Design in Action videos / app and thought I’d share a couple of my favourite ones as I often have discussions about both design/brand consistency and app start up screens. Each video is ~30mins but if you can’t spare that then hit up the links to g+ posts below you’ll see links to slides.


UX anti patterns

Design consistency and branding

Onboarding/ app start up

Happy viewing…