Hi all,

I made it! After early and wet start from Bristol on Sunday morning I made it all the way to Chobham Rugby club in just less than 8hrs (cycle time), totaling a distance of 113 miles. It was a great way to see the courtyside and I really enjoyed it and raised £350 in total! :).

Best bits:

  • Seeing the chalk white horse on the side of a hill.
  • Making it to the top of box hill and the first refreadshmnet stop and the sun coming out.
  • Getting to the lunch stop and realising only 35 miles to go.
  • Getting lost and seeing a Action 100 STOP! sign telling me to go back – really handy having those signs, the organisers know there stuff!
  • Seeing ruth waiting to pick me up when the coach got me back to bristol.

Action 100 organized it very well, signs and arrows on every junction and rest stops every 15miles or so with tasty refreshments and the lunch was a better than expected salad buffet with plenty of pasta, rice etc to stock up on!.

I’d would highly recommend doing it! in fact I will be signing up for next year as soon as they open registration. Hopefully some of you guys will join me next year? let me know if you do.

Thanks again for the sponsorship!


I wanted to get the clients browser info and screen resolution and pass in into to a contact form so I can tell a little bit about the client’s browser encase of unreproducible issues. Basically run a javascript function to collect the info from it’s implicit objects and write that to a hidden form element.

Had this working in JSP ok, and with a slight tweak to account for the : in the hidden field id (fromname:compnonentId) it works.
In JSF file…

function getClientInfo()
var clientinfo = “”
clientinfo+=”Browser:” + navigator.appName + “,”
var b_version=navigator.appVersion
clientinfo+=” Version: ” + b_version + “,”
clientinfo+=” Screensize: ” + screen.width +”x” + screen.height
(document.getElementById(’contactfrm:clientinfo’)).value = clientinfo;

‹h:form id=”contactfrm” styleClass=”form”>

In Backingbean the usual code to get a request param:

String clientInfo = getFacesContext().getExternalContext().getRequestParameterMap().get(”contactfrm:clientinfo”);

Or is there a better way of doing this? comments most welcome