Really chuffed my talk on Hardening your Android app ws accepted at Devoxx UK on 26th/27th March. Devoxx is a diverse conference for all Java technologies, so come along a say hi. Feel free to use the 10% off code  SPUK13.


What’s in the talk:

  • Encryption and key management on Android
  • Using SSL better
  • Android Permissions made easy
  • Make it harder to pirate/repackage your app

Plus a bunch of other tips I’ve picked up along the way.

Chris (@chrisjenx) and I spoke at the BCS Bristol xmas event at @bristol last night along side Rob Mullins from Raspberry Pi. We talked about how awesome it is to work in technology as a programmer and develop apps at Mubaloo. So forgot those crappy spreadsheets they teach you at school and get cracking with the real fun stuff.

Check out App Inventor for a place to create your first Android app.
Getting started with Android development check out the official dev site here

Presentation slides after the break
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After a recent hard disk failure I found myself hunting around for the various system config things and thought I’d blog it to ensure I knew where to look next time and to maybe save someone 5mins.

Backup Documents folder to Dropbox

An easy way to ensure you docs on mac are safe is to Create a Symlink from to Documents to a folder in Dropbox. Assuming you have Dropbox installed to the standard place in your home dir. Open the terminal type:
ln -s ~/Documents/ ~/Dropbox/MyMacDocs

That’s it, all done. You should she the files and folder start to sync

Add adb to Path so you can use it in the terminal

If like me your an android dev you know its useful to access adb from the terminal. Heres how…. Create a file called .profile in your user dir (~/ or /Users/<;>;/) Open the .profile file and add the following line:

export PATH=/Users/<;>;/android-sdk-macosx/platform-tools:$PATH

Now restart the terminal and type adb version

If all went ok you should get the following response Android Debug Bridge version 1.0.29

Show hidden files

Another useful thing todo on mac is to show hidden files. Open the terminal type:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

Had a interesting webinar from Urban Airship yesterday, for those who don’t know Urban airship are the market leaders in push and have been around 3 years and send 4 billion push messages a month. With some impressive clients I think of them as the Mubaloo of push

They have effectively build a CMS (for a marketing peeps) on top of the push messaging technologies from Apple (Apple Push Notification) and Google (Google Cloud 2 Device Messaging which is now Google Cloud Messaging). The CMS offers easy way for non techies to create push messages and target specific groups of users (segments) as well as pretty analytics style graphs to show success of messages, opt in rate etc. They also offer predefined geo fenced areas and they can also create custom geo fence areas that can be added to segment. The example they talked about was push message for groupon voucher when you’re near a store.

Urban airship sell them selves as a solution to making apps more sticky and increasing engagement. Personally I lean towards make a great app with great content and that will keep users coming back. I’m sure some marketing and advertises would disagree but blanket none individual/user relevant push messages are irritating. Push is great native/wrapped app feature I’d definitely encourage people to add to their apps. However the need to target segments of users with relevant messages is essential if not then including push for the sake of it seems pointless.

Integrating urban airship into apps is a easy peasy with their SDKs.