How to build and integrate OpenSSL into your Android NDK project

Recently I needed to work with OpenSSL in C/Cpp on Android and I couldn’t find a simple way of including it.  I looked at The Guardian project’s openssl for Android but it was very out of date. That’s when I decided to go for compiling OpenSSL myself. This could of been a minefield but luckily there’s a pre-configured build script that only requires a few modifications. This article aims to cover those modifications and how to integrate the compiled OpenSSL files into an NDK project.

openssl_for_ios_and_android tools/script via github

I’ve upload my minor changes (no-zlib compile option) to this fork

NOTE: for my purposes I only needed lib-crypto and lib-ssl as I was focused on local only encryption. If you’re looking to use networking in C/Cpp then you may also need to compile/include curl.

Step 1: Downloads

If you’re new to the NDK check out this Intro to C for Android developers article and the official docs

Step 2: Prep build environment/script

Add ANDROID_NDK environment variable

Add the following line to ~/.bash_profile

export ANDROID_NDK=<path to NDK bundle>

update to use the downloaded openssl version

~line 20 LIB_NAME="openssl-1.0.2k" to the version you downloaded LIB_NAME="openssl-1.1.0e"

update to change the zlib compile option

Change the zlib compile option to no-zlib (if you are not using the scottyab fork). Without this change I had build failure app:externalNativeBuildDebug failed with vairous cmake errors i.e c_zlib.c:(.text+0xbc): undefined reference to deflate`. Based on recommendations from this SO issue.

~Line 53 zlib \ to no-zlib \

Step 3: build

Start the build $ ./

Step 4: Copy output to your Android NDK project

  • Copy the runtimes you want to support, i.e arm, x86, mips from openssl_for_ios_and_android/output to <project root>/distribution/openssl.
  • Rename the directions to remove the openssl- prefix.

Step 5: update cmakerlists.txt file

I used this NDK Samples app Hello-libs as basis for my NDK project setup. Where the native-lib cpp file and cmakerlists.txt are already created/setup.

  • Add the following lines (The references to native-lib is where your Cpp code will likely be)

//configure import libs

set(distribution_DIR ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/../../../../distribution)

//add the open ssl crypto lib
add_library(libcrypto STATIC IMPORTED)
set_target_properties(libcrypto PROPERTIES IMPORTED_LOCATION ${distribution_DIR}/openssl/${ANDROID_ABI}/lib/libcrypto.a)

# add the open ssl ssl lib

add_library(libssl STATIC IMPORTED)

set_target_properties(libssl PROPERTIES IMPORTED_LOCATION


//add to target_include_directories

target_include_directories(native-lib PRIVATE


//add to target_link_libraries

target_link_libraries( # Specifies the target library.


# Links the openssl crypto



${log-lib} )

Step 6: Finish / Build in gradle

That’s it you should be good to go and ready to start using openssl in your c and cpp files.

./gradlew assemble