Android libraries of October

This is a couple of libraries that I’ve come across mainly from and both essential resources for keeping up to date with all 10’s of libs released each week.

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Android UI

As you probably saw from my previous post I’m really likely the new material design / Android L look at the moment and keen to bring some of these animations in to my apps.

This library includes 2 views :

  • ActionView – ideal for your home icon when using a nav/side menu.
  • RevealColorView – brings some of that gorgeous ripple style animation to pre L Android. I love this, I just can’t find a legitimate reason for using it the apps I’m working on at the moment.

Super Toasts default-super-toast

I’ve previously used Crouton and App-msg both good libraries, but starting new projects from now I’ll use Super Toasts.Like the Crouton and App-msg creating custom styles is easy, but where Super Toasts kills it is the option for having Card Toasts notifications appear at the top of the activity and push other content down. This was ideal of “offline” notification I needed to be permanently active on each screen while connection was lost. Also creating things like undo bar or retry toast notifications is simple.



Over last weekend I created and released a simple API to perform AES encryption on Android with no dependencies. This is the Android counterpart to the AESCrypt library Ruby and AESCrypt-ObjC created by Gurpartap Singh. I created this mainly due to pain I had writing some code to be compatible with AESCrypt and hoped to save others from that.

*disclaimer : I wrote this 🙂