Bug logging: use P.E.A.R.S

This is bug logging acronym that I’ve used previously and works really well (from a developers perspective), I propose you do not accept any defects that do not follows pears (i.e those that don’t have the following information.)
  • Priority – indicator to the importance of the issue, 1=showstopper, 5=Meh? if timepears
  • Expected result – clear concise explanation of what you expected to happen, if possible reference requirement id
  • Actual result – What actually happened?
  • Reproduce (steps to Reproduce) numbered steps to Reproduce to error/issue. You cannot be too detailed in this section.
  • System – Os version, device mobile/version, version of app, Browser version, etc.

This came up at  a talk at Droidcon 2011, but cannot for the life of me remember who it was. It’s a great and simple idea thanks! If it was you let me know so I can credit you.