To push or not to push

Had a interesting webinar from Urban Airship yesterday, for those who don’t know Urban airship are the market leaders in push and have been around 3 years and send 4 billion push messages a month. With some impressive clients I think of them as the Mubaloo of push

They have effectively build a CMS (for a marketing peeps) on top of the push messaging technologies from Apple (Apple Push Notification) and Google (Google Cloud 2 Device Messaging which is now Google Cloud Messaging). The CMS offers easy way for non techies to create push messages and target specific groups of users (segments) as well as pretty analytics style graphs to show success of messages, opt in rate etc. They also offer predefined geo fenced areas and they can also create custom geo fence areas that can be added to segment. The example they talked about was push message for groupon voucher when you’re near a store.

Urban airship sell them selves as a solution to making apps more sticky and increasing engagement. Personally I lean towards make a great app with great content and that will keep users coming back. I’m sure some marketing and advertises would disagree but blanket none individual/user relevant push messages are irritating. Push is great native/wrapped app feature I’d definitely encourage people to add to their apps. However the need to target segments of users with relevant messages is essential if not then including push for the sake of it seems pointless.

Integrating urban airship into apps is a easy peasy with their SDKs.