when your hot you’re on Fire

Kindle fireFinally the new Kindle ‘Fire’ was announced yesterday with much promise for content and mass market pricing. As a consumer I’m really excited about an android tablet at that price with the potential to sell millions.

As a Android developer I’m still stoked ,  true it’s a highly customised version of Android (which i’m coining the phrase “Amzoid”) and which api level or specific system features are still unconfirmed (based on 2.1 I hear rumoured). An app approval process to boot!

So my life just got more complicated but I see it as an challenge.  The same as I see the current fragmentation issues; it being a developer challenge rather than an issue for customer and businesses.

My biggest questions to Amazon are

a) When can we get the great cloud based music and video player’s in the UK?!

b) When can UK devs get hold of one?

I got together with Sarah at Mubaloo and wrote a few articles and they got published, yay! check them out:

http://mobile-device.biz/content/item.php?item=31987 [be prepared for the big head shot :S ]


http://www.telecomtv.com [extra points for those who spot the misspelling of Bown ;)]