Thanks for your marathon support!

Sorry this is a little late coming, I’ve been chasing up the last few pounds and pennies of sponsorship.

4miles to go

I’m sure we’ve spoken or maybe you saw my facebook status? I successfully completed the 2010 London Marathon in 4h33m on 25thApril. The race went to plan without hitting the wall, although I did end up running an extra 2.5 miles due to the masses and not be able to stay on the optimum red line. I was over whelmed by the support from family and friends but also the local spectators for their cheers, jelly babies and bananas. It was an amazing event and I feel privileged to of participated. Fully recommend it to anyone, it’s well worth the early starts, miles of training and fund raising.

Along the journey I learnt

  • Drinking milk within 20 mins of exercise improves muscle recovery times (it really works!)
  • You can’t self examine your prostate! Go to your doctor (for the record I didn’t find out the hard way the Prostate Cancer website is very informative)
  • Cake sales yield the most money vs effort (if you have a great team of bakers)
  • Essential agree where your supporters are going to be, there so many people at the Marathon!
  • Stairs are not your friend post marathon

The money you’ve donated will help fund research in to Prostate Cancer treatment, help those live with Prostate Cancer and raise awareness. Helpfully you’re all better aware? Collectivity we (yes you guys!) managed to raise over £2,400 for Prostate Cancer and I genuinely could not of reached and surpassed my target (or indeed completed the distance) without your support, so a heart felt thank you!