Moving CVS repository

Recently had to move CVS repository to a new server, while I’m no CVS expert but in the land of the blind! Yadda, yadda, yadda… so down to me. A couple of googles later and with a sesnse of impending soom I did the following:

1. Stop the CVS service and Lock Service

2. Copy CVS Repo folder(s) to the new server

3. Install CVS on the new server – did full installation

4. Replicate the settings of the old server.

5. Add the folder as Repo location. I was able to add the repo location ok, but couldn’t connect 🙁 and when I tried adding a new folder to the repo I got the following error:

cvs init: connect to failed: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. cvs [init aborted]: Couldn’t connect to lock server

So the server couldn’t connect to it’s own lockserver? Hmm… maybe the LockServer service wasn’t running or firewall interference? I checked both of these but all good. I thought let’s try stopping the lock server service, that worked! which is weird and the error seemed to say wasn’t running. Anywho I tried the telnet command again and got the CVSLock 2.0 Ready message so all seemed ok 🙂

TIP: When on the server, you can check the lock server using telnet try doing a “telnet localhost 2403” and see what you get.  It should respond with “CVSLock 2.0 Ready” if it’s working properly.

Note: I should say I was moving both new and old server were Windows 2003, the versions of CVSNT were the same and the new server had the same name as the old one.