Barclays fraud line 08000158601

[update] – Spoken to barclays and they confirmed this is an offical number it’s just not listed anywhere – helpful! – if in don’t call the regular customer services number.

Just got a call from person claiming to be Barclays, wanting to confirm some recent transactions on my card.¬† I was suspicions so asked how I could proves she was from Barclays, maybe she could tell me the 1st line of address or year of birth, but all they could say was call back on 0800 015 8601. Which is similar to a Barclays number if you check the Barclays contact us page but it’s not actually listed. So be aware this in a ID theift¬† SCAM!

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  • sajad

    Yes that is the correct Barclays fraud line, i had them call me a few times (6) and each time they had stopped my card, and was given that number, now it’s happend again! i got a trainee twice!

  • Nick Ball

    21st January 2012: I’ve have just been called by ‘Barclays’ to discuss a recent transaction and asked to give security information. I refused and was given 0800 0158601. I have checked this with Barclays and they told me not to call this number as they would never ask for security details in a call originating from Barclays.