change firefox smart bar to default to not .com

I love new smart bar search in firefox 3 but bugged by the fact it defaults to searching, so here’s what I did to make it use

  1. In firefox3 URL/Smart bar type: “about:config” [this brings up the adv config of firefox, don’t cha know, click ok to void warrenty 😉 ]
  2. Use the filter to find the property called “keyword.URL”, and change the google domain suffix from .com to, hey presto!


all done!

  • Dan Walker

    This didn’t work for me, seems to have 0 impact whatever I do.. I’ve changed the google search plugin xml file to, everything I could find relating to search in the about:config to and none have had an impact.

    Any ideas?

  • Me

    Didn’t work for me either. Installing FF4 GB fixed it. But then I made the mistake of once clicking to view and now it’s all going to .com. Maybe it’s a cookie setting?

  • Me

    Ahh, I found the fix, it’s because of a cookie set by Google.